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RECOMMIT - Facilitate detainees’ wellbeing and social reintegration

Theological School of the Church of Cyprus


The “Theological School of the Church of Cyprus” (TSCC) is a newly stablished (2015), private, non-profit, Higher Education Institution (HEI), under the auspices of the Archdiocese of the Church of Cyprus. The mission of TSCC is to operate as an established academic, research, educational and spiritual centre, which prepares theologically qualified clerics for the Orthodox Church, as well as theologian-educators for secondary education and post-graduates who can serve and improve the psychological well-being of individuals and groups in communities. TSCC holds an Erasmus+ Charter since 2017 and has many inter-institutional agreements and collaborations with other Universities in Europe. Currently, T.S.S.C. actively involves in four European Programs. Moreover, TSCC is a live institution with educational, scientific, and social outreach activities to the society of Cyprus. TSCC organizes scientific conferences, trainings, cultural meetings, volunteering activities in collaboration with several NGOs. TSCC, through its academic and research staff, can be characterized as an expert centre for prison education, as it has established a strong involvement and significant contribution in prison education, including education curricula, prevention intervention programs, education materials, teaching methods, research, scientific articles, conferences, training, volunteering in teaching prisoners, memoranda of cooperation, etc. Additionally, students at the master level attend the educational programs in Cyprus Prison and develop their counselling skills to vulnerable individuals as a part of their internship; as well as deliver their master dissertations in prison psyco-educational approaches.

  • Olga Solomontos-Kountouri

    Olga Solomontos-Kountouri

    Coordinator of the Master Program at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus

  • Rev. Kyprianos Kountouris

    Rev. Kyprianos Kountouris

    Director of Theological School of the Church of Cyprus

  • Maria Petridou

    Maria Petridou

    Special Academic Staff

  • Maria Sikki

    Maria Sikki

    Special Teaching Staff

  • Louiza Michail

    Louiza Michail

    Special Teaching Staff

  • Marios Assiotis

    Marios Assiotis

    Secretarial Department

  • Anna Christodoulou

    Anna Christodoulou

    Academic Registrar

  • Antigoni Loizidou

    Antigoni Loizidou

    Accounting and Human Resources

University of Oradea


The mission of the University of Oradea is to provide education and research to a high standard of quality in a national and international context of social, professional and, last but not least, intellectual development of the individual, and at the same time to contribute to social and cultural development of Oradea. These missions are shaped by objectives such as attracting students from all over the world, positioning the university among the best educational institutions in the country and in Europe and conveying a wider community to the significance and importance of academic education and scientific research in general and the one conducted within this university, in particular. The University of Oradea has materialized international relations with 352 institutions from 39 countries. Academic education is provided to the students at the highest level within the 15 faculties through a wide range of bachelor, master, doctorate and postgraduate programs. Along with professional performance and moral behavior, scientific research becomes the priority criteria for academic evaluation of academic staff. With a history dating from 1780 as “Superior Institution of Philosophical Education”, in May 1990, by a decree of the Romanian government, the Technical University was founded following some prestigious academic traditions of Oradea. Later on, the name of the university was changed in University of Oradea. At present, the University of Oradea is an accredited public academic institution with the qualification awarded by ARACIS: HIGH DEGREE OF CONFIDENCE

  • Carmen Hortensia Bora

    Carmen Hortensia Bora

    Project Coordinator

  • Simona Trip

    Simona Trip


  • Gabriel Roseanu

    Gabriel Roseanu


  • Laurentiu Mândrea

    Laurentiu Mândrea

    Prison Psychologist Officer

Uclan Cyprus Limited


UCLan Cyprus is the first British University in Cyprus, established in 2012, and is an overseas campus of the University of Central Lancashire, UK. UCLan was founded in 1828 and has been recognized as a world-class institution through its inclusion in the QS World Rankings and its global partnership network, which extends to 125 countries. UCLan Cyprus is the winner of the 2013 InAVation Award for the most innovative education facility, in terms of its technological infrastructure, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. UCLan Cyprus employs 60 academic staff members and has over 1000 students. UCLan Cyprus is committed to enhancing theoretical knowledge and skills through applied research for the benefit of society, economy, and industry. To that end, UCLan Cyprus has established research areas that engage with local and international academic, business, and professional communities and industries. Since 2021, UCLan Cyprus is a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the world’s leading knowledge network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The network works together to achieve the UN SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement. UCLan Cyprus, by joining the global SDSN, also joined SDSN Cyprus which works with all sectors of society to improve the country’s performance in implementing the SDGs, collecting, and disseminating best practices, raising awareness, promoting sustainable development education, engaging with youth, and assisting the authorities, the private sector and civil society organizations in mainstreaming the SDGs into their daily operations. UCLan Cyprus academic staff is research active in the fields of science, law and business and continuously pursues new knowledge and innovative application ways through research and industrial projects. In the field of science, academic research is currently taking place on the topic of education and learning methods, behaviour change and valued-based behaviour and the use of artificial intelligence. UCLan Cyprus is fully equipped with estates and the technological infrastructure necessary to host research and demonstration activities. It has four technical laboratories of various sizes (50-100m2) equipped with desktop computers for students to do Software Engineering, Computer Games Development, Computer Networks, and Media Production. It also features an interdisciplinary Research Lab, with a space of 100m2 equipped with computers and various other high-tech equipment to carry out interdisciplinary research

  • Vasiliki Christodoulou

    Vasiliki Christodoulou

    Lecturer In Psychology

  • Louis Nisiotis

    Louis Nisiotis

    Lecturer in Computing



EPANODOS was founded to facilitate and support all efforts for the social and professional reintegration of former inmates of correctional institutions.

EPANODOS is a non-profit legal entity under private law, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection and it is administered by a Board appointed by the Minister. It is the first and only official institution in Greece providing aftercare services to former prisoners. According to its founding act (Presidential Decree No. 300/2003), it aims to “provide vocational support to prisoners and ex-prisoners, as well as to prepare and promote their social reintegration in a broader sense”. For the fulfilment of its aims, EPANODOS:

  • Organises programmes in correctional institutions that prepare prisoners for life “outside the prison bars” and aim at their smooth reintegration into free society.
  • Conducts educational and cultural activities aimed at bringing images of free life into correctional institutions.
  • Cooperates with the social service staff in the correctional institutions and provides counselling services to the prisoners, especially regarding legal issues and pending legal problems they might face. It also provides social support and assistance to them and their families.
  • Informs prisoners and ex-prisoners about their labour rights, the allowances and financial benefits to which they are entitled, about current subsidised vocational training programmes and internships, and about the existing labour supply and demand, always in cooperation with the Greek Employment Service (O.A.E.D.) and other relevant agencies.
  • Provides former prisoners with accommodation and food for a short period of time, meets their urgent needs and helps them solve specific problems they might encounter.
  • Informs and sensitizes employers and businesses and promotes policies that prioritize the employment of ex-prisoners.
  • Supports the creation of social enterprises by the ex-prisoners themselves.
  • Informs and sensitises the community about the problems of persons involved with the criminal justice system, and in particular juvenile offenders.
  • Supports any initiative by private institutions and voluntary organisations aimed at combating the stigmatisation and social exclusion of ex-offenders. For more information, please visit our website.
  • Dr. Foteini Milioni

    Dr. Foteini Milioni

    Director of Epanodos

  • Myrto Chatzina

    Myrto Chatzina


  • Kyriaki Koukouza

    Kyriaki Koukouza

    Employability Counsellor MA

  • Martha Lempesi

    Martha Lempesi

    Scientific Associate at Epanodos

  • Maria Pouliou

    Maria Pouliou

    Psychologist Female Prison of Elaiona

Enoros Consulting Ltd


ENOROS Consulting Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management, and evaluation of development programs and projects at national and European levels. It comprises of three Directorates (Public Sector works, Private sector projects and International & European projects), which are appropriately staffed by 10 committed consultants with high scientific education and training, extensive experience and knowledge in thematic fields relevant to the company’s areas of expertise. Their disciplines have a wide range from Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Agronomy, etc. The company also cooperates with external experts in various thematic areas (Human Resources, Rural Development, Tourism, Immigration policies etc.) and has a wide network of local partners in the field of education and culture, youth and employment, justice and public order, human resource development, citizen protection, social innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

  • Konstantinos Kloudas

    Konstantinos Kloudas

    General Director

  • Smeraidou Irene

    Smeraidou Irene

    Project Manager

Associació Social Andròmines


Andròmines is a non-profit social organisation created in 1993 with a main purpose: the social and work inclusion of vulnerable groups experiencing severe social and employment difficulties who were coming from the Social Services departments of Montcada i Reixac, the city of Barcelona and other local governments. One of our main programs is to to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in prisons, organising digital literacy courses and cultural revitalisation activities using re-used computers.

  • Núria Sau

    Núria Sau

    Project Director

  • Esther Atanes

    Esther Atanes

    Social worker

  • Xavier


    TIC facilitator

  • Elena


    TIC facilitator

  • Fermin Santano

    Fermin Santano

    TIC facilitator