woRksitE COMMunIcaTion

Facilitate detainees’ wellbeing and social reintegration

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Our Purpose

The partners will work together towards achieving a common goal: Facilitate detainees’ wellbeing and social reintegration and achieve a long term and stable employability.

In order to achieve this goal, partners will develop an Interpersonal Communication Skills (ICS) training for work-related communication challenges while activating and/or developing common civic values as a basis to support social reintegration. Τhe project will use scientific methods to identify work-related communication challenges and ICS relevant to pre-release detainees, guiding the development of a high quality and flexible training curriculum, inclusive of a custom-made VR platform with specific training scenarios, to be delivered in prison settings. Consortium partners and prison staff will also be trained enhancing their ICS skills, common values and ensuring successful course implementation in penitentiary settings.

Our Target Groups

  • Detaines between 20-60 years old (male, female, other), independent of ethnic background, educational level, language and religion in four (4) European participating countries, nearing the end of their sentence.
  • Prison staff (correctional officers, guards, management staff etc.) who have a role in the training of detainees in all four participating countries.
  • General public population included policy markers, Ministry of Justice, NGOs and employers at local, national and international level.